Angular Inspiration from dream to company

Angular Consulting was founded in 2018 by Aleksei Kuncevic, a Google Developer Expert. The story of the company foundation is about ambitious striving to make a world better and reach a perfect service with knowledge, experience, hard work and understanding a client.

There was a specific moment in time when the idea of Angular Consulting was born. During a development conference one of the speakers complained he had a decent working web application on Angular, but had to abandon it for another framework since he couldn't find an Angular Developer or a company he could rely on to make critical improvements.

Those words gave a boost for actions and a clue of shape for the future business.

The Australian IT industry needed a company that would not only deal with Angular development, but would also be a true Angular evangelist - providing an IT branch various options to single problem based on client specific needs, inspiring tech-people to learn Angular and create top-class solutions choosing Angular. The expert knowledge and competences of our company enable the business to be an innovator and educator in its field. As a result, the company's mission was described as follows:

To help a client in a custom-tailored manner of solving a problem and to inspire independent work and development. We share expertise with dev teams and are always there to support and propel the client forward.

This means that Angular Consulting has a solid approach to its clients and to business in general. We provide our customers with personalised services, exactly what they need. We emphasise consulting because it is extremely important to understand a clients' technical stack and software environment, their needs, pains and goals in order to provide a client with a clear plan of actions.

Angular Consulting never insists an engineering job must be done by the company, we always give options of advisory or training for technical staff of the client. With our consulting and training services, we want to inspire dev teams to adopt Angular best practices and deeply understand the beauty and smarts of the framework.

A structure and unique approach of our company allows us to scale services for our customers - from short advisory sessions to complex projects with it strategy development, application engineering, support and dev team training.

After 4 years in business we can confidently say that Angular Consulting has achieved all of its initial objectives. Our clients' testimonials and success cases are the best evidence for that. We are very grateful for the road we travelled, the experience we gained and the wonderful people we met along the way.

However, there are always not enough creators and inventors in this world and Angular Consulting never ceases to imagine and plan for the future.

So, where will Angular Consulting be in 10 years? Of course, inventing, engineering and educating.

Our vision is to make complicated things clear and reasoned not only for our clients but for the entire Australian IT market.

Angular is a framework developed by one of the most innovative IT giants, Google. The Angular Team within Google and the Angular community is making sure that Angular is constantly evolving and improving by creating new features and functionality and making Angular a performant and modern framework.

Angular Consulting intends to progress alongside the framework and even invest its knowledge and energy to Angular’s evolution, just like we do today with Angular Consulting products and education.

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