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Do you want to bring your new idea into life?

Is it difficult to find technical experts you can trust?

Do you want to build a new application using industry standards?

Angular Consulting is ready to provide a solution right according to your vision. Our top level experts are here to help with creative engineering that you can fully rely on.

According to our approach, Custom Development is not just about coding but also involves proper planning. Green Field Development is based on the Strategic Roadmap plan. Brown Field and Partial Development guided by Technical Audit.

We understand that each use-case is unique, that is why t houghtful planning helps to streamline and accelerate the development process, ensuring that the final solution delivers exceptional results and meets your expectations.

Green Field Development

This approach involves building a new software application from scratch, without any pre-existing code or legacy systems. It allows for complete flexibility and creative freedom in designing the application to meet specific requirements.

Green Field Development is an integrated process that consists of several milestones. To develop an application tailored for a specific business or purpose, each iteration should be carefully planned and implemented. We put our idea of the perfect Green Field Development process in the blogpost for your reference and consideration. Your application may require more or less details, but be sure you are not losing essentials.

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Brown Field Development

In this approach, new features or enhancements are added to an existing software application or system. It involves working with an existing codebase and infrastructure to introduce improvements and extend functionality.

In Brown Field Development it’s crucial to understand the reasons for expected changes and an intended outcome. Angular Consulting experts provide our clients a solid technical justification of development services and confidence of actions.

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Partial Development

This approach focuses on building specific features or components of a larger system. It allows for iterative development, where individual modules or functionalities are developed independently to be integrated into the existing solution.

The complicity of the Partial Development is about providing a software with certain features, quality and standards inherent in the main solutions. It means a client should take into account not only the future functionality, but its compliance to the present digital environment. It requires a high level of expertise of the developing team and is a competitive advantage of Angular Consulting approach.

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