IT Strategy

Do you want to have a clear plan of your technical development?

Do you strive to make your business run like a clockwork?

Are you interested in how IT strategy works?

If you are an innovator and want to be ready for any technical challenges, IT strategy is an essential tool of your business. It provides you an opportunity to look in the future, see your company position and manage your technical processes in advance.

The issues may be described individually or combined in a unique IT strategy and assembled as a Strategic Roadmap - an executive document.

The Strategic Roadmap, with all agenda professionally described, is the smartest way of maintaining your technical environment or approaching any software project.

The IT Strategy may consist of various components, but in our opinion its key items are:

Technical Blueprint

To configure your development processes you need a specific plan called a Technical Blueprint. It captures a list of activities at your single software query or entire project to complete within a given time frame, defines resources, technology stack and other pieces of IT strategy. Angular Consulting Technical Blueprint includes:

  • Priorities
  • Staffing
  • Budgets
  • Technologies

The Technical Blueprint is your guide for sequencing and prioritizing research, consultancy and engineering work, allocating and managing resources and a process of putting the right technology into place.

Among other things, Technical Blueprint benefits are consistency and clarity. You get guidance from experts that won’t lock you in with a particular software vendor. Thus your team can follow the Technical Blueprint and manage the project using available resources. However in any case Angular Consulting is always around to assist you.

Manage Your Technology. Plan Your Action.


Software Testing Strategy

Software testing strategy is an essential part of the development cycle. The main purpose is to forecast potential challenges for the software and, hence, to set verification targets and to establish tools and schedule.

Angular Consulting performs automated testing, which is based on a number of tools integrated into the software development process like:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • End to end testing
  • Exploratory testing

In fact, applying of software testing strategy is your technical insurance with the following main values:

  1. Reducing software development costs in the long term perspective. The testing, initiated at the beginning of the project, saves your time and money throughout the entire operation;
  2. Your confidence that users won't experience unexpected software behaviors, that again saves your resources and, mainly, company reputation;
  3. An assurance of software critical path operating and your technical environment sustainability even in case of emergency.

Be Perfectly Confident In Your Software Quality.


Upgrade Strategy

Upgrade Strategy is a plan of application improvement. We consider an upgrade to be essential even if your software runs properly. There are at least three reasons for this:

  • Access to new framework features
  • Application security improvement
  • Operation stability

Upgrade Strategy contains a plan that includes changes, features and bug fixes that will come with an update. You will have a clear guideline on how to make code adjustments according to ecosystem trends changes and latest trends.

An important part of Angular Consulting philosophy is to move you forward. We put our inspiration to improve your existing software. Upgrade Strategy service brings a lot of values. We are using our own crafted tools to make an update process clear and smooth. Some of the tools you may find on our Product page, and a few are currently in development. Our objective is to give you the best advice to make your software better using the best practices and industry standards.

The Angular CLI Version Manager is one of our free products that we use as a part of the Upgrade Strategy. You can try it for free to feel like a part of Angular Consulting team to get confident in our competence.

Be Sure Your Codebase Is In Good Hands.


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