Dev Team

Are you constantly seeking for technical staff?

Are you sure your technical team has enough skills?

How often does your team need additional education?

People are the main resource of any business. You can't build a proper technical environment without a qualified team of developers in the right places.

We offer your HR and Technical Department an expert help in searching, examination, recruitment and further education of technical staff. Our programs are adapted for both new Dev Team Building and current Dev Team Audit:

Dev Team Building

There are a lot of developers of different levels on the market. In some cases it is complicated to estimate an area and level of expertise of a candidate for HR managers.

We designed a Checklist of Competences to help a company in examination and hiring. According to the test results we are also offering a program of study for new employees to meet the professional requirements and settle team collaboration.

Let Us Help You In Developers Hiring Process.


Dev Team Audit

A Technical Team is usually fully involved in a development process with their hands constantly on keyboards. This routine takes all their time and interferes with learning and getting new skills.

We are ready to take care of your development team progress and education for the benefit of their work and your company. Using questionnaires we estimate a level of specific knowledge and collaboration scheme in the department and analyse the information.

On the basis of information received you get an education plan for the Dev Team and other insights important for the Department.

Take Care Of Your Dev Team And They Will Take Care Of Your Business.


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