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Angular Consulting is an Australian based company with a global outreach.
The company was founded in 2018. Since then, we have been sharing our competence with clients, helping them to solve technical challenges with our personalised approach. We work closely with dev teams assisting them to adapt to changing environments and advancing their technical skills to the next level. It enables our clients to work effectively and move forward in their new digital environment.
Under the guidance of Google Developer Experts, Angular Consulting provides the highest degree of competence and the best industry standards.

About you

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  • Bring your vision into life
  • Help build a new application for your business
  • Assistance with your existing application
  • Technical support for your application or your business
  • Building an effective development team
  • Training or independent advisory for your team

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We do

starting from strategy
and leading you forward
including development and support
education for your team,
both technies and newbies
to enhance your technical
and engineering processes


  • Full cycle of services
  • Unique approach
  • Expert competences
  • Angular specialization
  • Clear pricing
  • Working together with your team
  • Open for long-term partnership
  • Effective remote and in-person collaboration
  • Positive clients feedback

Our team

Aliaksei Kuncevic

Founder and Expert

Irena Allen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Our partners

Google Developer Experts.
Angular Sydney.
Frontend Tech.
Angular Rocks.

Our clients say

Angular Consulting helped us to set up a large and complex project that helps people to improve their employability using skills based data and analytics capabilities. Angular Consulting also helped us to design an Angular monorepo setup, ensuring that we can develop and then maintain multiple applications efficiently. The resulting shared components library has significantly reduced effort in managing the ecosystem of apps that we have since created.

Kirsty Kitto


Kirsty Kitto photo
I must say, Angular Consulting are extremely qualified in Angular expertise. They introduced the best Angular practices to our dev team and helped us to design better structure on our new project. It was nice to work with them. Highly recommend.

Samuel Sun


Samuel Sun photo
Angular Consulting provided us with a first class professional service and they are a company with integrity. They helped us to re-engineer some critical parts of our platform to meet our new business requirements. They always deliver high quality solutions and I must say working with Angular Consulting has been a great pleasure.

Paul McStay


Paul McStay photo
Corum group.
Angular Consulting helped us to implement a number of Angular applications as we started from the ground up. They also ran a very helpful Angular Workshop for our dev team. Love their work and I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with Angular.

Anil Roychoudhry


Anil Roychoudhry photo

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