Ongoing Support

Do your feature requests run behind planned deadlines?

Does your application lack new functionality?

Does your devteam need help in supporting your application going forward?

Developing a good application is not the final destination in the operating process. A solution should be constantly maintained and updated embracing the software ecosystem changes to move the whole business to the new horizons.

Typically, we offer ongoing support for any work we've done for you.

If your software is developed by a third party and you'd like us to support it, we'll need to conduct a Technical Audit before taking any further actions. This helps us understand your situation better and ensures we can provide the best support tailored to your needs.

Ongoing support options:

  • Warranty period
  • Post warranty support
  • Bugs fixing
  • Application support

Angular Consulting offers you a strategic approach to keep your application and digital environment relevant to your business goals and planned innovations.

Keep Your Application Working Effectively.


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