Technical Audit

Is your software solution compliant with the best practices?

Do you keep up with the latest industry standards?

Are you using an old Angular version and looking for an upgrade?

To find out the answers, we suggest defining the state of your existing software solution with Technical Audit. It offers the company expert advice and insights for more balanced decisions and plans for further actions.

As a result of the Technical Audit, you get an exact plan for improving your application, including a technical report. Technical Debt Audit is usually a part of Technical Audit. However, it can be customised to the specific needs of your business. We are offering the following options:

Technical Debt Audit

Technology development gives us new opportunities and new challenges. Modern web applications have made their transition from desktop to mobile, from Server to the Cloud and there is still more to come. Proper application architecture and codebase structure are essential parts of any successful software project. Having a strong software foundation is a key ingredient that will definitely simplify future software iterations and upcoming application scaling processes.

In contrast, technical debt is a result of wrong decisions made during the early stages of software development. Technical debt makes it harder or impossible to support the application, add new features and discover bugs. Typically, technical debt appears as a consequence of prioritising speedy delivery over perfect code and must be addressed accordingly.

With technical debt audit we analyse a codebase and an architecture using best practices, industry standards and techniques, finding bugs and building the right structure to move your application forward.

Make Your Application Ready For 100% Operating.


Security Assessment

A security audit assesses how reliable and safe your codebase is. It should highlight shortcomings that must be addressed in order to protect your systems and information stores and eliminate any possible threats.

Angular is implementing high security standards. However, while building web applications, developers remember about security risks by obeying a set of engineering practices. Angular Consulting engineers are precisely following Google recommendations and high industry standards to be up to date in possible issues and make sure they provide a high level of security building solutions

Ensure Your Application Is Verifiable Secure


Performance Audit

A performance Audit is a general examination of a web application’s operation. Well-performing web applications are making online businesses more successful.

There is a set of specific tools, techniques and practices to make sure that Angular solutions perform well. All you need is to contact the right experts for your application assessment.

Check How Fast And Productive Your Application Is.


Code Review

A one-time code review is a comprehensive evaluation of a software project's source code by experts to identify potential issues and assess the code quality.

Code review highlights the identified issues, suggestions for improvement, and areas where the code can be optimised.

Check If Your Code Follows The Best Practices.


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