Do you want to prototype a new idea?

Do you want to add a new pilot feature to your existing application?

Do you need help experimenting with a new design or features?

Prototyping gives an opportunity to put a concept into life, weigh up the outcomes by receiving feedback and being able to make changes fast using minimum resources. Clear benefit of this approach is saving time and money by gradually improving a prototype instead of dealing with multiple layers and dependencies of a fully functioning application.

Generally prototyping is about prospecting and validating your ideas or exploring new features for an existing application. To build a prototype it is essential to start with a Strategic Roadmap where your vision will be defined.

There are two core steps of prototyping process:


Wireframing allows visualisation of the software concept and refining its initial structure before taking other steps. The process typically includes:

  1. Collecting customer concept details, understanding the project goals, identifying and prioritising the key features.
  2. Defining the visual information architecture, structuring content, and establishing navigation based on application user-flow.
  3. Iterating and finalising the wireframe with basic elements and main design features.

With a ready-made wireframe you may move forward in creating a software prototype much faster. Your primary goals will be visualised and requirements set, so the process of development can be optimised to the designed structure.

Make Your Idea Visible


Software Prototyping

Software prototyping involves creating a working model of the software application. It allows you to fully experience the concept implementation like it is a real application, gather feedback and validate the idea fast.

Software Prototyping consists of the following steps:

  1. Collecting customer concept details, understanding the project goals, identifying and prioritising the key features.
  2. Envision software architecture, define entities and relations, emulate software application.
  3. Iterating and finalising the prototype by adding new capabilities.

As a result of Prototyping a client gets a validated model of the initial idea and may move forward with Custom Development to get the solution turnkey.

You can kick off the Prototyping by scheduling a Discovery Call. Based on its results we will set up the working process according to the aforementioned steps towards your goals and expectations

Make A Smart Choice - Start From An Application Prototype.


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