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Do you want to migrate from React to Angular?

Do you want to migrate from AngularJS to the latest Angular?

Do you want to migrate your legacy solution to Angular?

Angular is a popular platform that gives big opportunities for modern web development. According to many surveys it is one of the most used frameworks. No wonder thousands of web applications migrate to this framework yearly. If Angular is your smart choice, our experts stand ready to assist your dev team through the process.

We are working with all types of migration from any framework. According to our approach we can migrate your application from any other framework to Angular or completely rewrite it using Angular following our Custom Development approach.

Application migration is a complex process that requires a smart considered approach to ensure your solution is successfully transferred and remains intact, secure and accessible within the new framework. Angular Consulting recommends the following course of actions:

  1. Determine the level of technical debt associated with the edge-cases to identify a need of rewriting from scratch or migration as-is.
  2. Validating the data models and business rules
  3. Mapping the source data to the destination Angular data model.
  4. Implementing a user flow and workflows according with client’s vision
  5. Setting up and validating the most optimal solution for component communication and application data flow.
  6. Verification of data accessibility and usability in the application.
  7. Testing of the migrated application to ensure its appropriate performance. Validation of the business rules and related workflows are functioning as expected.

Every step assumes we are working closely with the client to establish a clear communication and ensure the migration process is running smoothly to achieve the expected outcome.

The implementation of the foregoing steps may guarantee you an easy flow of your application migration in order to modernise your technology and lead your business to new heights.

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