Modern Developer Tools

Are you seeking advanced tools under your fingerprints?

Do you want to be more productive?

Do you want to gain useful skills?

Setup a development environment and get your hands dirty with the latest development tools. During the workshop your dev team will find out how to be more productive and mainly how modern development tools may save a lot of time.l Your dev team will also learn tips and techniques for debugging a code like a pro. As a result of this workshop your team will have a clear understanding of modern development tools and how to use them effectively. Furthermore, a process of teamwork will definitely reach a new level.

You will learn about Angular:

  • How to organise development environment
  • How to choose and setup development tools
  • How to leverage the ecosystem effectively
  • How to set up collaborative work if your team
  • How to use best practices in coordination
  • Productivity and debugging tips

*Includes the certificate of completion

Became More Effective Developer


You will get learning materials

  • Workshop source code
  • Workshop presentation
  • 2 weeks access to chat with workshop instructor


2 hours



Private Slack group

*Offline classes available on request

$342 AUD

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