Angular Tips & Tricks

How passionate your devteam is?

Are you curious about Angular lifehacks?

Are you constantly seeking improvements and optimal solutions?

Angular is a modern and really smart framework. It lets you not just code, but create developer-friendly and extensible systems that are easy to maintain and extend. Even if you are experienced enough with Angular, there is always something that can amaze you, some kind of practical knowledge that will make you a more effective developer.

Angular Tips and Tricks is definitely what you need to add to your practice collection to enrich your knowledge and diversify your approach.

You will learn about Angular:

  • Common pitfalls
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Timesavers
  • Best practices
  • The ways to-do things
  • The ways not-to-do things
  • Becoming autonomous developer
  • Solving technical issues yourself

*Includes the certificate of completion

Be A Professional In Details.


You will get learning materials

  • Workshop source code
  • Workshop presentation
  • 2 weeks access to chat with workshop instructor


1 hour



Private Slack group

*Offline classes available on request

$324 AUD

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