Angular Fundamentals

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Angular Fundamentals workshop is designed to learn Angular basics. The class provides practical insights on the Angular approach, how to organise the code, improve code quality and more. The most important part of the workshop is an opportunity to gain knowledge and best practices from the real-world cases by Google Developer Expert and to get answers to all your questions.

As a result you will understand the reasons and benefits for using Angular for web-development. A synergy of communication and practice is the best way to work on your Angular skills and move you forward in Angular development.

You will learn about Angular

  • Building blocks essentials
  • Basic principles of component design
  • Component communication basics
  • Communicating with backend API

*Includes the certificate of completion

This Is The Best Time To Start Angular.


You will get learning materials

  • Workshop source code
  • Workshop presentation
  • 2 weeks access to chat with workshop instructor


2 hours



Private Slack group

*Offline classes available on request

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