Is your team stuck with a specific problem and needs help?

Do you require regular assistance to ensure your team follows the best practices?

Do you need assistance to apply industry standards to your engineering processes?

Advisory is a good solution for those clients who want to keep on top of technology, but neither want to outsource, nor confident they can cope in-house.

Our experts are ready to share their experience to bring your team engineering practices to the next level. Leveraging best practices enables your business to do more with less, optimising resources and driving growth

We provide several options of advisory in the form of guidance, advice and hands-on assistance, saving valuable time and resources to match your company needs and processes.

Advisory services are flexible and can be conducted online or in-person, or in hybrid form depending on your location and other factors. We offer the following types of the Advisory services:

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Periodic Assessments
  • Technical Managers’ Assistance

Our experts work closely with the company's leadership and IT teams to discover and solve technical problems and map out strategy with your long-term vision. Collaboration objectives are:

  • Software Architecture Design
  • API Integration Consultation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Engineering Practices Consultation
  • Peer Code Review

By leveraging our advisory service regularly, your business can ensure that the team consistently adopts the latest industry trends and maintains the highest engineering standards.

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