NGVM Angular CLI Version Manager

Have you ever tried to figure out the local, global and the latest Angular CLI version simultaneously?

Are you tired of typing all these long npm commands to list the Angular CLI npm package information?

Have you ever wondered how to navigate to the angular-cli-diff page right from your working directory terminal?

Almost every Angular developer has probably gone through the routine of typing long console commands to inspect Angular projects, especially those that have been unmaintained for some time.

The Angular Version Manager, in short NGVM, is your answer and technical companion to deal with Angular project maintenance and analysis. It has a list of useful commands that are developed for engineering optimization. NGVM allows to set the default package manager, print out global, local and latest Angular CLI versions, check the Angular compatibility list with a single command and more.

The following commands are available now:

Command Action
install|i Install a specific version of Angular CLI. By default it will install the latest version
uninstall|u Uninstall the global or local Angular CLI
new|n Create a new Angular application. You can use the global Angular CLI or NPX. You can specify any existing Angular CLI version
latest Print out the latest Angular CLI version available on NPM
global Print out the global Angular CLI version
local Print out the local Angular CLI version
versions|vs Print out the global, local and latest Angular CLI versions
inspect Print out Angular CLI, Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript, RxJS versions and more info about current working directory
list|ls List of all Angular CLI releases available on NPM
show [version] Check information about a particular Angular CLI version released on NPM. By default, the latest version is shown
pkgmgr|pm Print out or set local or global Angular CLI default package manager
compat Navigate to the Angular CLI, Angular, NodeJs, TypeScript, RxJS compatibility list
diff [options] [v1] [v2] Compare the difference between Angular CLI versions. You can specify any existing versions. By default local version will be diffed with the latest

Code sample

ngvm new my-app --routing --style=scss -npx
ngvm new my-app --routing --style=scss -ng 15.0.0
ngvm show 15.0.0
ngvm pm yarn
ngvm diff 14.0.0 15.0.0
ngvm install -g


Angular CLI Version Manager is fully open sourced. To try the project you may install it following the manual below:

npm install ngvm -g
ngvm help

Hope you have a good NGVM experience !

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